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Water Project

WaterPlantHistorically, the well field property has been actively farmed by a nearby farmer.  Due to this and to the site’s close proximity to extensive farming tracts, nitrate levels at the Kutztown wells have been a concern. 

Through a crop management program implemented for the farmer who utilizes the Borough property, the nitrate levels have been kept under the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Maximum Contaminant Level of 10.0 mg/l. However, a slow but steady trend has been noted over the last several years showing that the nitrate levels continue to creep upward.  Recent results have shown levels as high as 9.4 mg/l from one particular well. While blending of sources has allowed the Borough to minimize the levels as much as possible, the increasing results are a concern. The Water Treatment Plant Project will reduce the nitrate level in the drinking water.

 •  Building Expansion

•  Nitrate Removal

* Costs have been estimated by SSM Group, Inc.